Advisor to CEO

Customised for value-demanding, result-focused executives.
The ultimate collaboration.

Outcome-Based Collaboration

In an Outcome-Based Collaboration approach, we make sure you achieve the target result you want.
We are confident that we deliver!

Corporate Training Programs

Tailored training will guarantee your team has the skills to engage confidently in each commercial negotiation you may encounter – even when they’re different each time.

Advisor to CEO
Most Popular Corporate Solution

Headache Free

Focused individual advice, on call – no traditional consultancy/advisory relationship.

Minimal Financial Risk

With high confidence level to achieve the agreed outcome, we take the risk
We are confident that we deliver!

The Ultimate Collaboration

We make sure your organisation doesn’t leave money on the table

Obviously we’re not going to charge you $100,000 for our affordable premium service ...

We Provide Negotiation Capability

Strategic Negotiation & Influencing Training Programs

Executive Negotiation Capability

A 0.5 or 1-day program to navigate, and overcome, the challenges that impact your decision making every day. (ENC)

Changing the Influencer’s Mind

A 3-day plus 1-evening intensive program covering How to Prepare to Negotiate and How to Negotiate, followed by How to Measure Success. (CIM)

Decrypting Influencing for Engineers

This unique 1-day program is designed and delivered by engineers for engineers, ICT, scientists, and all technically minded professionals. (DIFE)

SINs for Young Professionals

SINs (Strategic Influencing & Negotiation Skills) is a unique program for young professionals to improve their capability to see the big picture. (SINs)

Influencing the Decision Maker

A 2-day customised training program providing Strategic Negotiation & Influencing Capability solutions within the organisation. (IDM)

Lead a Negotiating Team

Select the right negotiating team members, manage your team and all stakeholders including internal stakeholders. (LNT)