Consulting & Advisory Solutions

Outcome based: practical & pragmatic
We work with you, focussing on revealing or recommending negotiation strategy, options, tactics and technique using our Simple Complexity® concept.

Training Programs

Approved and customised programs provide senior leadership level training. Your staff will have the skills to influence stakeholders.
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Negotiation Capability Packages

Strategic Negotiation & Influencing Capability packages are designed to provide an organisation with structured process, practical skills, and improved capability for complex commercial negotiations. The methodology is based upon a structured collaborative approach that creates the environment to achieve the desired outcome.


Remember the Past – Prepare for the Future
Every negotiation is different.

Membership offers structure and continuity that fosters a flexible mindset. Members learn to develop a systematic approach to negotiate and influence within an organisation.

NegotiationWise® offers four levels of corporate and local government memberships. See membership page for the benefits to assist your company, executives and employees.

Exclusive members-only events and roundtables offer an opportunity to share experience and engage in collaborative discussions. You may witness potential being unveiled over dinner!

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We Provide Negotiation Capability

Strategic Negotiation & Influencing Training Programs

CEO & Executive Officers

This 2-day commercially focused program is about realising an “optimised outcome” in commercial negotiations.

Executive Negotiation Capability

A 0.5 or 1-day program to navigate, and overcome, the challenges that impact your decision making every day. (ENC)


This interactive 1-day program provides senior leadership level capability to Mayors, Deputy Mayors, acting Mayors, and aspiring Mayors.

Councillors (Day1)

This interactive training program presents three (3) interlocking core components - PLAN, ENGAGE and DECIDE for successful collaborative negotiation.

Councillors (Day2)

This workshop will highlight methods and strategies to enhance and improve the efficacy and ease of internal negotiations.

SINs for Young Professionals

SINs (Strategic Influencing & Negotiation Skills) is a unique program for young professionals to improve their capability to see the big picture. (SINs)