Executive Assistant to CEO

Jessica Hackett

Executive Assistant to CEO

Graduate Diploma of Languages - La Trobe University
Bachelor of Arts (Acting) from the University of Ballarat

Jessica is an Actor, Director and Producer of theatre and film. Using her background as a university lecturer, along with theatre, drama and role-play techniques, Jessica coaches executives, academics and young people with improvisation skills to deal with social concepts.

In 2016 Jessica organised a social justice project called The Welcome Petition. She carried the petition from Melbourne to Canberra on foot and Russell Broadbent, MP presented it to The House of Representatives.

Jessica brings to NegotiationWise® a wealth of communication and body language skills which enables her to work closely with executives to ensure every meeting goes according to the strategic plan.

Jessica completed her acting degree at the Ballarat Arts Academy, University of Ballarat, and continued her study of Performing Arts in West Sumatra, Indonesia, at the High College of Arts (STSI) in Padangpanjang. She holds a Graduate Diploma of Languages in Indonesian.