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NegotiationWise® is a Structured Collaborative Approach to a Wise Outcome.

Structured means a “disciplined process and methodical approach”. Collaborative Approach is a constructive engagement to jointly address problems.
A Wise Outcome is either a favourable agreement or a decision to walk away from the negotiation. This may be because an alternative solution outside of achieving an agreement is more desirable and beneficial.

By utilising a collaborative approach to jointly address problems, parties can develop solutions and opportunities to achieve a Wise Outcome. We look for novel solutions to a problem whilst allowing the negotiating parties to come to a meaningful agreement, which is an agreement that will be honoured by all parties while managing the relationship at the same time. Understanding the alternatives enables the parties to knowingly reach a favourable outcome, rather than accepting an agreement that is far worse or rejecting an option than might have been more beneficial.

The very nature of human behaviour means emotions are involved in the negotiation process. Emotions can impact on your ability to negotiate effectively and make the process more difficult. Separating the emotions from the issues, which form the crux of the negotiation, also means managing and separating the relationship issues from the substantive issues. Once this is done, a Wise Outcome can be negotiated.

Complex negotiations involve multiple stakeholders with what is often perceived as conflicting positions. Even internally within a stakeholder group, various conflicting and opposing views and positions can add to the complexity of the negotiation.

The Simple Complexity® concept presents that within a complex negotiation, there is an inherent ‘Simple’ umbrella approach (overall ‘Simplicity’) that can achieve a Wise outcome. Difficulty often arises because of parties focusing on positions or their differences. As a result, Simplicity is either not obvious or disregarded.

NegotiationWise® is designed for Complex Negotiations with Commercial Focus.

The goal is to improve and provide an organisation with a structured process, practical skills, and improved capability that benefits the organisation with a distinct advantage.

There are variety of reasons for the complexity of negotiations such as the number of stakeholders involved including internal stakeholders, subject of negotiation, emotions involved, past history, strategic value, or other factors.

Commercial negotiations are different each time so any process has to be able to accommodate the situation you are dealing with. This may be for Sales, Tendering, Service Level Agreements, or Project Contracts, to name a few across many industry sectors.

Our research has shown that 81% of businesses believe they need help with preparation and process management in negotiation. NegotiationWise can show you a methodical, repeatable process to use in your commercial negotiations. A methodology proven to achieve your planned outcome.


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