Executive Influencing Program (Individual)

Also known as Advisor to CEO (A2CEO) program.

Who is it for: Executives and Key Decision-Makers

EIP is a comprehensive 4- or 6-month program meticulously crafted to uncover your primary objectives and optimise your skills in influencing and negotiation.

Within this Personalised Structured Program, you'll encounter an array of outstanding features designed to enhance your negotiation and influencing prowess. Our seasoned team will offer dedicated insights and assistance to pinpoint your strengths and areas for enhancement, enabling us to customise our guidance to your unique requirements. We'll provide you with a clear roadmap and measurable outcomes aligned precisely with your needs.

ICONIC Program (Corporate)

Implementing a Culture Of Negotiation & Influencing Capability within your Organisation
Who is it for: Companies employing over 40 staff members.

The ICONIC Program offers a comprehensive 6 to 9-month package for professional development, coaching/mentoring, and support. It is designed to assist your organisation in two key areas:
1. Handling High-Stakes Situations: Particularly in situations where the outcomes are crucial.
2. Achieving Desired Results: Doing so with confidence and consistency.
The ultimate goal is to establish streamlined processes and procedures within your organisation, using a consistent and structured approach to enhance your negotiation and influencing capabilities.

NegotiationWise will also conduct ongoing measurements and evaluations to gauge the successful implementation and impact of the ICONIC program within your organisation.

Advisory & Consulting Services

We offer two service options:

1. Outcome-Based Collaboration : We ensure you achieve your desired results. Book an appointment to discuss your project.

2. General Consultancy and Advisory Services : Billed on a time and materials basis.

Executive Influencing Program (EIP)

Headache Free

Focused individual advice, on call – no traditional consultancy/advisory relationship.

Minimal Financial Risk

With high confidence level to achieve the agreed outcome, we take the risk
We are confident that we deliver!

The Ultimate Collaboration

We make sure your organisation doesn’t leave money on the table

Certainly, we’re not going to charge you $1,000,000 for our top-rated and affordable premium program!
Formerly A2CEO Program.

We Provide Negotiation Capability