NegotiationWise Health Assessment (NHA)

The NegotiationWise Health Assessment is a powerful tool designed to assist you and your key decision-makers in evaluating your organisation's current level of negotiation and decision-making maturity. By identifying strengths and gaps in how you engage with both external and internal stakeholders and prospects, NHA empowers you to make informed strategic decisions.

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Current State - the unknown-unknowns

Who is it for:
Executives and Key Decision-Makers

What problem does it solve:
It addresses the challenge of uncovering the unknown-unknowns within your organisation by meticulously assessing its interactions with both external and internal stakeholders. It also highlights strengths and weaknesses in negotiation, influencing, and decision-making processes.

Opportunity Realisation

Upon completion, you will receive a comprehensive report that not only pinpoints your organisation's current negotiation, influencing, and decision-making capabilities but also offers actionable recommendations. These recommendations will guide your organisation on a transformative journey, leveraging NegotiationWise's unique system to enhance these critical aspects throughout your organisation.
The primary objective is to furnish management with valuable insights into existing processes and how they can be optimised to foster more efficient decision-making, ultimately leading to heightened profitability.

Executive Influencing Program (EIP)

Headache Free

Focused individual advice, on call – no traditional consultancy/advisory relationship.

Minimal Financial Risk

With high confidence level to achieve the agreed outcome, we take the risk
We are confident that we deliver!

The Ultimate Collaboration

We make sure your organisation doesn’t leave money on the table

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Formerly A2CEO Program.

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