Article | A Rocky Road Ahead

A Rocky Road Ahead for Biden on Return to Iran Nuclear Deal

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II. From Lausanne to Square One

Negotiations stretch to the 11th hour as another deadline approaches, and is gone. June 30, 2015: the negotiating parties ...

IV. Out of Moves: A Hostile Dilemma

Iran is out of moves, and has no more leverage to engage in negotiations with the US – a point well understood and utilised by President Trump. In this game

V. A Queen for a Queen

President Trump may have made the right decision in pulling back from a military response to the Iranian shooting down of a US drone, but he may come to regret it ...

VI. A Rocky Road Ahead

Is President Biden’s plan for the future of the Iran nuclear deal an A-Team, or a recipe for yet another failure? Biden’s Iran team knows the background to JCPOA ...