Remember the Past – Prepare for the Future

Every negotiation is different.

Most situations and decisions in organisations are complex, meaning they involve interacting elements and stakeholders. You cannot always predict what will happen next. Experience can help identify potential hurdles, but we can’t rely on experience alone to achieve success with the next negotiation.

Negotiation and influencing styles must adapt to the complexity of today’s business environment. Change is the key – a change in mindset and a change of old habits. Executives must encourage team members to think and act differently than they have in the past.

Membership offers structure and continuity that fosters this flexible mindset. Members learn to develop a systematic approach to negotiate and influence within an organisation.

NegotiationWise® offer four levels of corporate and local government memberships. See below for the benefits to assist your company, executives and employees.

Exclusive members-only events and roundtables offer an opportunity to share experience and engage in collaborative discussions. You may witness potential being unveiled over dinner!

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Categories Wise Squad Influence Connected Local Government Councils
Negotiation & Influencing
Capability Assessment
Executive support 8 sessions 4 sessions 2 sessions 8 sessions
Members only events 3 x 2 members 3 x 1 member 2 x 1 member 3 x 2 members
Behavioural Assessment 4 Team Members 2 Team Members 1 Team Member 4 Team Members
Workshop included ENC ENC - ENC (1-day)
Discount on training 15% 10% 15% on Open Training 15% or as per LG agreement

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