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Changing the Influencer's Mind (CIM)
Duration: 3 days and 1 evening

Changing the Influencer's Mind is an intensive program covering How to Prepare to Negotiate and How to Negotiate, followed by How to Measure Success. The program teaches the skills participants require, to engage in influential conversation confidently, and to achieve a Wise outcome.

After completing the program, participants can hit the ground running and use their newly acquired knowledge of the negotiation process and tools in commercial dealings.

Mechanics of Wise Influencing (MWI)
Duration: 2.5 or 4 days

Personalised to your team’s negotiation style, the program covers the Application of Plan | Engage | Decide to develop and improve your organisation’s negotiated outcome.

Executive Negotiation Capability (ENC)
Duration: 0.5 or 1 day

A 0.5 or 1-day program to navigate, and overcome, the challenges that impact your decision making every day.

The NegotiationWise training program presents three interlocking core components - PLAN, ENGAGE and DECIDE for successful collaborative negotiation. Participants will engage in interactive workshops to practise the theory and utilise the tools provided during the program.

This practical workshop will highlight methods and strategies to drive business growth, increase revenue/profit, reduce cost and help the negotiating parties make the most of opportunities by achieving a meaningful agreement.

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At the Negotiating Table (ATNT)
Duration: 1 day
Prerequisite: Changing the Influencer's Mind

An exceptional invaluable program.
A 1-day program which is undertaken after Changing the Influencer's Mind program. This program expands upon key practical topics related to across-the-table negotiation.

Lead a Negotiation Team (LNT)
Duration: 1 day
Prerequisite: Changing the Influencer's Mind

Become a Negotiator! One of the biggest challenges during negotiation activity comes from your own team, managing internal objectives and interests before facing the other party. How do you prepare your team? How do you manage internal strategy? Who will do the talking?

& Skill Sets
Negotiation Influencing Leadership Decision Making ECCS Factor™ Managing Relationships Meaningful Outcome PED
Changing the Influencer's Mind
Mechanics of Wise Influencing
Executive Negotiation Capability
At the Negotiating Table
Lead a Negotiation Team