Young Professionals

SINs for Young Professionals (SINs)
Duration: 3.5 or 6 hours

Strategic Influencing & Negotiation Skills (SINs) is a customised program for young professionals. By the end of the workshop, participants will see the big picture when influencing and dealing with stakeholders such as clients, managers, and colleagues.

The focus of SINs is on making the right judgment call, building confidence, and understanding human behaviour. Participants will also learn to manage potential "dirty tactics" employed by opposing parties.

Decrypting Influencing for Engineers (DIFE)
Duration: 1 day

DIFE is designed and delivered by engineers for engineers, ICT, scientists, and all technically minded professionals who apply a logical and rational decision making process to influence others.

During the interactive workshop, participants learn to manage the difficulties, frustrations and emotions associated with influencing others, both in relation to themselves and the other party. Upon completion, participants have learned and practised the skills, engaging in influential conversation and aiming for a Wise outcome.

Skill Set
Negotiation Influencing Leadership Decision Making ECCS Factor® Managing Relationships Meaningful Outcome PED
SINs for Young Professionals
Decrypting Influencing for Engineers